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  • Title: The Birthday SerenadeCharacter/Pairing: Heero / Relena Disclaimer: The usual apply. Notes: Inspired by this video - Kai Sings For Ellen 'When I Was Your Man' by Bruno Mars - YouTube N...

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  • by Adaon _
    Oct 07, 2021

    A rush of wind assailed her face, goosebumps were rising along her arms. It felt like she could feel every heartbeat and yet she couldn’t process anything in the world around her.  There was...

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  • by Adaon _
    Sep 26, 2021

    The evening news on the television screen went from casual interest to having the undivided attention Relena when a picture of Heero was shown. "A new development in the story of the Montpel...

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  • Duo Maxwell was known to be a man of many talents, mainly of the warfare persuasion. By the time he was fifteen, he was piloting one of five deadly mobile suits with skill that would make th...

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  • by Adaon _
    Mar 12, 2021

    "Don't try to sit in that chair." Relena called it out form the other room. Duo was confused wondering how she even knew which chair he was looking at."Huh?" Duo asked. Suddenly there was bl...

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  • by Adaon _
    Mar 11, 2021

    "Heero, we need to talk. Now I realize there is an enormous amount of correspondence that comes in. It is only natural that some priorities have to be made. However it is very nonprofessiona...

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