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    Testing Blog Table

    By blackrose, 2020-04-21
    I want to be a table with HTML links for multichaptered stories - and I want to be at the top of the page
    Chapter 1 Link
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    The Ultimate Weapon

    By Wings Landing, 2020-04-20

    Testing 123

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    By Wings Landing, 2020-04-20


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    "There was no formula for this...seduction. There was only Relena. How her skin felt beneath his hands. How his fingers ached to touch her. How she trembled when she tried to undo the buttons of his shirt...." Rated R/NC-17 for lemon content (sex)

    Midnight Chimes and Pink Roses

    By the Black Rose

    Chapter 4


    Heero led her down the long, carpeted hallway, passed her door to stand just outside his room. This was where Relena usually pecked his cheek and then made her quick escape. But though he hadn't wanted to push her on the issue, or pressure her to stay, he was tired of giving up without a fight.

    I didn't come back so you could push me away.

    She drew close, and had to stand on tiptoe to reach his lips. Heero waited for the brief contact, then ducked his head and caught her mouth in a more than friendly kiss.

    He grabbed her waist and pressed her against his body. She gasped against his lips; Heero took the offered advantage and deepened the kiss.

    What did I do to make you lose faith in me?

    She pulled away first, but didn't get very far. He seized her wrist before she could run off. Relena turned around; her eyes stared intently at where he grasped her arm.


    They stood that way for a moment before her gaze finally rose to meet his. He sent her a look that he hoped would convey what he was asking.

    Let me try, Relena.

    He wanted to try to explain, no, to show her how he felt. How he had always felt for her. But the only thing in his past that could possibly guide him was the adage about acting on his emotions.

    Don't push me away. I know I hurt you before. But I need you to believe...to have faith in me again.

    He let go of her arm. It was her decision. And still she stood there, and just held his gaze. He wasn't sure what was going on in her mind. This wasn't a battle of wills, just... Watching.




    One of them had to move first. Perhaps she was waiting for him. Heero opened the door and held it ajar. He made a motion with his hand to indicate "After you." Relena hesitated only a second before she broke eye contact and seemed to float inside.

    He closed the door and locked it. She stood a few feet away, her back towards him, his jacket still draped over her shoulders; her hair was swept up and secured with a comb. Pearl drops dangled from each ear, and they danced with every step - gently caressing the lobe and small spans of the flesh on her neck. Inviting him to find out if that skin was very sensitive...

    She spun around. He caught her by the shoulders and removed the jacket, then threw it into the chair behind her.

    Her mouth opened with what looked like an objection on her lips. "Heero, I--"

    He cut her off with a fervent kiss. But though he was hoping to distract her with the move, he had a specific plan of attack in mind. His fingers found the zipper on her dress and quickly tugged it down its track; he parted the fabric, and unhooked it at the top. Heero broke the kiss; she stepped back, holding the top of her dress against her chest.


    He tugged at her wrist, and succeeded in pulling her around in a half circle to face the bed, her back against his upper body. Those pearl earrings bobbed with the sudden movement, and he finally accepted the invitation. His mouth nibbled and sucked at the flesh of her neck, and the answering groan from the back of Relena's throat gave him his answer.

    "Uhn, Heero..."

    His hands slid the bodice of the gown down to her hips; electric charges burnt the tips of his fingers where he touched her skin. He mouthed down to the junction of her neck and shoulder, mildly surprised when he heard his own voice whispering her name.


    He felt the muscles in her shoulder contract beneath his lips, and knew he had to override her objections. He needed to kiss her, leave her breathless, not give her time to think. This was the plan of attack. If he was to succeed, he needed to stay focused and clear-headed.

    He pushed the dress over her hips and let it fall to the floor in a heap around her ankles. She turned to look at him; he saw his opening and attacked.

    Heero leaned in and kissed her again. His hands on her hips kept her body in place against him. His mouth was hard, insistent, and intentionally so. Her softer lips pressed back, almost equally as demanding. He opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, and felt his clarity begin to slip away.

    There was no formula for this...seduction. There was only Relena. How her skin felt beneath his hands.

    How his fingers ached to touch her.

    How she trembled when she tried to undo the buttons of his shirt.

    How she sighed that name that had never been his, but was all right because that was how she knew him.

    Their movements drew them to the side of the bed, his shirt off, belt undone; her dress long forgotten, and her strapless bra gone. He removed the combs from her hair and dug his hands into the liberated silk. Her head lolled back against his shoulder. His palms smoothed back down to her waist.

    "Tell me what you want, Relena." His hand came up to cup her right breast. He wasn't sure but he thought her knees quavered and almost gave out. Heero wrapped his left arm around her to keep her from falling.

    "Mmmmmmm..."Her eyes were closed; he continued to knead the soft flesh in his hand. His fingers rubbed at her nipple. She raised her left arm to curl back around his neck, and Heero brought his hand up to massage her other breast.

    "Tell me, Relena."

    She moaned again. Heero got the impression that her brain wasn't really even functioning anymore. She pressed back against him and placed additional pressure...someplace that didn't need any more.


    "You."She gasped when he softly bit her neck. Her voice wheezed out the words:"I want you."

    The pressure in his groin lurched. It was amazing how a few words could have such an effect on his body. He wanted to know how to please her. Heero had a basic knowledge of erogenous zones on a woman, and of course, knew where he wanted to touch her. But Relena's answer...

    He pushed her down onto the bed and took only a second to shed his slacks before pinning her beneath him. His mouth enjoyed the taste of her skin, which reminded him something of nectarines he had found one summer as a child, growing wild.

    It couldn't have been on a colony... Where did that memory come from?

    "Heero..."Her hands flexed around his shoulders, bringing him closer than he already was. And yet he wanted to be closer still.

    He slipped his hand down the length of her body to settle on her thigh. He caressed the flesh there, skimming his palm along its surface to the small space between her legs,then over her panties.

    A long sigh escaped her lips. He lifted the material just enough to slip the tips of his fingers inside. A slight brush against the softness of her skin and curls made her entire body contract. Relena gasped, clutched her arms around his body, and tried to use the leverage to sit up in his embrace.

    He pushed her back down.

    "Tell me how you want me to touch you." Heero didn't want to know where generic all women liked to be touched. He wanted to know Relena's body, Relena's--

    "Heero...Uhhh!"Her voice called out, sounding more urgent this time. He glanced up. Her eyes were clamped shut, her hands clawed at the sheets. Her breathing came in short, sharp puffs of air.

    Heero continued his exploration; his finger entered her folds and rubbed at the nub he found there. He thought she was going to leap off the bed. His other hand went up to her stomach and held her down.


    "Heero..."Her nails tore at the bed sheets and her body tried to take control. Her legs twisted like she was trying to get away from him, but her hips moved up and down as if trying to get him to rub her harder.

    "No more...Heero..."She whimpered his name, begging to be taken, and damn it all, but his body had stopped responding to anything but the sound of her voice.


    A deep growl sounded from his throat. He all but tore the panties off her hips. Actually, he did tear one side as he struggled to yank them down the length of her legs. Heero stripped off his boxers and wasted no time in crawling over her. He sunk down into the softness of her body and felt the rest of his control desert him.

    "Uhhhh, Hee--"

    His mouth seized hers and forced her into a kiss.

    Heero positioned himself between her legs and let his organ find its way in. There was no more waiting. He had waited six years already to have this woman beneath him, moaning his name, welcoming him into her body....

    His tip found her entrance and plunged inside. He was vaguely conscious of the cry that escaped her, but was more aware of the way her breasts rose to meet his chest. Hot flames shot up his spinal cord as he set a frantic pace sliding in and out....

    He should have done this six years ago to the girl stumbling over herself in that sheer nightgown. And if not then, then he should have done it two years ago when he saw her with that other man. He should have taken her back to his room, pinned her to his bed and shown her that she could only ever be his.

    The way she was his right now.


    He needed to go deeper. He wanted to go faster. Every stroke left him feeling satisfied, yet aching for something more. He rose up on his knees and put his hands under her hips to lift her off the bed. The sight of Relena, completely nude, sweat clinging to the valley between her breasts, her body jolting, writhing with every thrust--

    "Too painful..." He gasped and fell forward, over top of her again. He buried his face in her shoulder, biting, sucking the skin within his reach. He felt like he was trying to devour her, but she belonged to him. He wanted....

    Pleasure ate at his sense of consciousness. He struggled to breathe, but couldn't get enough air. The dull pound of the headboard against the wall beat a steady rhythm, and he focused on that to try and prolong this...

    This heat.

    This desire.


    His body shattered. Every muscle contracted and then released itself into her. He hovered above her, convulsing, shaking... Satisfaction had never felt so complete.

    When he finally thought he had regained his control, he felt her arms go around him, and realized he was still shaking. Relena's body seemed to cradle his, like he belonged to her as much as she had become his.

    He lifted himself up, disconnecting their bodies, and lay down beside her. She looked at him, and he gave her a kiss with the last of his strength. It was sloppy and not nearly as intense as the kisses they had shared during... But she drew him in anyway, her hands locking around his neck and pulling his head down to her chest.

    Sleep nagged at his eyelids and drew them closed despite his efforts to stay awake and enjoy the way her fingers slipped through his hair and smoothed over his upper back. Just before consciousness stole out the door, he heard a voice somewhere say:

    Please don't let me go.

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