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Quote from justwildbeats "MarySue" to me... More
purdys 6 hours ago
"I'll admit that I'm guilty of using Relena as... More
purdys Mar 10
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  • purdys replied in forum topic
    Why do you like 1xR?
    Since this site is all about the relationship between Heero and Relena, I would like to know: Why do you like it? What don't you like about it? Di...
    Quote from justwildbeats "MarySue" to me when I first learned about it years ago was a girl who i...
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    6 hours ago
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  • purdys commented on their photo
    Yesterday, 01:33
    I'm so glad you like it XD ....b/c I found this in the dark, depraved crevices of the internet where I've seen things where I'll never be able to unsee O_O T_T.

    Anyway, I just feel like I should address something here: Yes I know in my past posts I've ranted about Duo being too sexist in fan's interpretation and yet I take joy in this little comic strip. I've really have no logical explanation other than the fact that I just think this comic is funny and at least Quatre has the good sense to tell Duo AND Trowa off about it. lol. Call it a guilty pleasure :P. I'd like to think Duo grows out of this behavior eventually.
    Yesterday, 23:12
    No judging from me, I like Duo to be a little perverted sometimes, not all the time, fandom will lay it on him to thick at times XD this is harmless and I love Quatre scolding both Duo and Trowa. I have an idea where you found this, I hear scary stories about those dark crevices too, my friend Claudie has been there and she is the biggest hentai I know and even she came back rattled lol
    Yesterday, 23:17
    LMAO. Oh goodness, poor Claudie XD.
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  • justwildbeats commented on Zero's photo
    Mar 25
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    Mar 23
    dong? XD
    Mar 23
    DONE! OMG O_O I didn't even notice!
    Mar 25
    :P I'm a pro of making typos myself :)
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  • justwildbeats commented on purdys's photo
    Mar 22
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    Mar 22
    i would like the original source or artists for these arts please, there are several that I've never see before in here
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    Mar 15
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    Mar 15
    Commission done for me by Eeni from deviantart. Love it XD. ....Though I wish they didnt' look so happy, especially Cathy and Relena. lol.
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