Gundam Wing: Heero and Relena
Sword Art Online: Kirito and Asuna
Code Geass
The Vampire Diaries
Gundam Seed
Bitten: Clay and Elena
Star Crossed: Roman and Emery
Gundam 00


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    HOLY CRAP.... According to Miyuki Mouse, the Gundam Wing DVD sets includes 2 audio commentaries, one including the VAs of Relena and Heero arguing whether Heero is wearing anything under his bike shorts XD!
    Sep 25
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    Aug 31
    That would so be fanfic material. XD
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    Aug 29
    .... ._. Seriously? Its the same freaking expression on all 8 heads!!! LOL
    Aug 29
    If you think about it, Trowa had even less expressions than Heero did. And Heero was the only one to make him laugh. There's some weird irony :D
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