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Quote from blackrose Adaon and I are working... More
justwildbeats Yesterday, 23:27
Quote from justwildbeats I don't find nice... More
purdys Apr 14
"I'll admit that I'm guilty of using Relena as... More
purdys Mar 10
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  • justwildbeats replied in forum topic
    The New Blissful Ignorance!
    So this is the new Blissful Ignorance. I so glad the the site hasn't gone away, but what about all the story from the old site, will there be anyway t...
    Quote from blackrose Adaon and I are working on moving the stories to the new site, but feel free...
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  • purdys replied in forum topic
    Why do you like 1xR?
    Since this site is all about the relationship between Heero and Relena, I would like to know: Why do you like it? What don't you like about it? Di...
    Quote from justwildbeats I don't find nice characters 'boring" in the slightest. Nice characters ...
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    Apr 14
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  • purdys commented on their photo
    Apr 12
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    Apr 11
    Gah, shoot. I don't think I can remember who the artist was. I guess I should've labeled all of those pics shouldn't I? I'll let you know if I find out the artist to this one.
    Apr 11
    well it is showing respect to the artist to credit when you repost, or don't repost if they say not to, I have a ton of arts of Kajika Ono's work but I never reposted them.
    Apr 12
    Never meant any disrespect but it is my bad. Was just excited to share them. Will try to look for the artist name on this one.
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  • This is a fantastic and what I think to be a pretty accurate review on the show. While his rating may not be as high as most fans would like it to be, he has a lot of good points to make and he has a very friendly presence. Hope you guys enjoy.
    Apr 11
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  • purdys commented on their photo
    Mar 26
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    Mar 26
    I'm so glad you like it XD ....b/c I found this in the dark, depraved crevices of the internet where I've seen things where I'll never be able to unsee O_O T_T.

    Anyway, I just feel like I should address something here: Yes I know in my past posts I've ranted about Duo being too sexist in fan's interpretation and yet I take joy in this little comic strip. I've really have no logical explanation other than the fact that I just think this comic is funny and at least Quatre has the good sense to tell Duo AND Trowa off about it. lol. Call it a guilty pleasure :P. I'd like to think Duo grows out of this behavior eventually.
    Mar 26
    No judging from me, I like Duo to be a little perverted sometimes, not all the time, fandom will lay it on him to thick at times XD this is harmless and I love Quatre scolding both Duo and Trowa. I have an idea where you found this, I hear scary stories about those dark crevices too, my friend Claudie has been there and she is the biggest hentai I know and even she came back rattled lol
    Mar 26
    LMAO. Oh goodness, poor Claudie XD.
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